About Gumkwang
Weaving Machine
(60sets/ Picanol Rapier Machine)
Sewing Machine of Garment Factory
(4 Line)

Welcomed to visiting to our homepage and we are one of the renowned manufacturer of nylon/polyester woven fabrics for 20years

We are manafacturer to be especialized in nylon/polyester coated fabrics : PU/Fire retardent/Infra Red etc to be added Those fabrics is used for Army Equipment/Outdoor Material/Industrial fabric/Sportswear/Bag and backpack etc.

The experience of 20years to be accumulated , make our customer satisfied after meeting to the consignments. It certify that the duly refined QC is excellently to be met the standard of customer. That is why the long business relationship is made once the business is initially made to us.

In case of Miliatary use of fabrics , it is placed through several overseas country of military department of tender's business. Recently, MTP print in Infra Red , is placed by EU customer.

From 2 years back, we add up the garment field to our business line to be concentrated on fabrics business. It is especilaized to men's dress shirts line by operating China mill of 4 line after setting up the Garment Making facility. Those garment is mainly supplied to Brand of customer :Pierre Carden/Homeplus etc to domestic market of departmenstore and internet business

We, Gumkwang, are getting the good reputation and our customers prefer to use our fabrics continuously. Through this opportunity,please make a initial and reliable relationship with us by long term base based on both side of trust and understanding.

Head Office : #611,Dong-A Prime Valley 37-1 Yangpyeong 2-Ga,Yeung-Deung-PO Ku,Seoulk,Korea I Tel : 822-6210-7270 I Fax : 822-6210-7271
Production Mill : #1-70,Worlam-Done ,Talseo Ku,Daegu,Korea I Tel : 8253-584-5737